Freeze Dried Acai Powder from Brazilian Amazon

AcaiBerries are popular healthy food. If you happen to live in the Amazon rainforest you are lucky because if you wish you can climb up the AcaiTree and pick some fresh AcaiBerries and enjoy it. For people not living in that area, howver, you might be wondering why you don't see AcaiBerries in your local fruit store. Following are the explanations.

If we look at the nutritional makeup of AcaiBerries, the AcaiBerries have up to 50% fat. Foods high in fat will go rancid very quickly. Because of the high content of fat, AcaiBerries go off after they are picked for a few days. This means it is not feasible for AcaiBerries to be shipped to long distance for long time. For this reason, some fruit processors just flash freeze AcaiPulp within a day of the AcaiBerries are picked. This frozen AcaiPulp can be shipped for long distance. However it is still difficult with AcaiPulp as it has to remain frozen all the time before people eat them. This presents another difficulty.

Luckily human being has other ways to deliver AcaiBerries to end users. Some fruit manufacturers have invented a new process. In this process, AcaiPulp is first taken off the AcaiBerries, leaving the seeds unused. Then AcaiPulp is frozen and dried within short time period. After that manufacturers will ground the frozne AcaiPulp into Acai Powder. Sometimes it is called "freeze dried Acai Powder".

In the first instance, Acai Powder maintains all the health benefits of fresh AcaiBerries. Nutritionally Acai Powder does maintain the same nutrition properties as fresh AcaiBerreis, because the manufacturing process only removes the water content from AcaiBerries. They usually take large amount of water content from dried AcaiPulp. Because freeze dried Acai removes the water from the AcaiBerries, it only means its nutrients are in much concentrated foramt.

In addition it is much easier to cosume Acai Powder. Acai Powder can flavor and improve the nutritional value of any hot or cold drink such as smoothie and teamed milk with acai powder. In addition, one can also add acai powder into oatmeal, pancakes, soup and bread. making your meals and drink more tasty and nutrional. On the other hand manufactures can also put this freeze dried Acai powder into capsules and provide a convenient way to enjoy Acai at any time and any place.

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